A holistic commitment.

Our training is a proactive approach to transfer knowledge of dementia care via VR, endorsed by Skills for Care and approved and accredited by CPD standards.

A masterclass experience.

Co-curated with Professor Claire Surr, our dementia care training is an in-depth, multifaceted learning experience of the highest of degrees.

An individual-centred approach.

The training curricula focus on identifying those you care for’s uniqueness. We are convinced that dementia is only a diagnosis, not a definition of your patients.

The training is aligned with the learning outcomes of the Dementia Training Standards Framework as developed by the Department of Health, Skills for Health and Health Education England in partnership with Skills For Care,  which includes:

Dementia Identification, Assessment and Diagnosis

Dementia Awareness

Dementia Risk Reduction and Prevention

Communication, Interaction and Behaviour in Dementia Care

Leadership in Transforming Dementia Care

On completion of this training, learners will be presented with their official MOONHUB certificates and will be equipped with:


Augmented Consciousness

Understand the ways which dementia can affect a person’s perceptions, ways of understanding the world, other people and the subsequent impact this may have on their behaviour.

Heightened Micro and Macro Awareness

Be able to identify a range of potential individual, social and environmental reasons or triggers for distressed behaviours and ways to minimise or reduce these.

Bolstered Support System

Be able to identify a range of supportive ways of responding to people with dementia who may be experiencing distress or confusion.

Enhanced Communication Skills

Be able to identify helpful approaches to supporting good communication with people with dementia.