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A masterclass in care.

Your Training Experiences Can Be Too.


Studied to strengthen soft skills to enhance empathy and deliver superior care. A holistic, low-risk, highly immersive new approach for the health and social care workforce. Experience ELARA.


performance boost for VR-trained surgeons as opposed to their traditionally trained peers.


of VR trainees that reliably went on to complete surgery in a lab setting.


at 3,000 learners, VR costs became 52% less than traditional training methods.

ELARA Modules

Dementia Care

Our dementia care VR training immerses learners in real-life situations that mirror the challenges of social care boosting technical knowledge and heightening emotional soft skills. The Dementia Care course is designed with a person-centred approach, endorsed by Skills For Care and is certified by the CDP.

A holistic commitment.

Our training is a proactive approach to transfer knowledge of dementia care via VR, endorsed by Skills for Care and approved and accredited by CPD standards.

A masterclass experience.

Co-curated with the leading academic in the UK, Professor Claire Surr, our dementia care training is an in-depth, multifaceted learning experience of the highest of degrees.

An individual-centred approach.

The training curricula focus on identifying the uniqueness of those you care for. We are convinced that dementia is only a diagnosis, not a definition of your patients.

Watch this space! More Modules coming soon

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