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Your People Are Unique.

Your Training Experiences Can Be Too. 

Healthcare is evolving at an extremely rapid pace. Luckily for you, ELARA has kept up and surpassed the needs of the industry. ELARA is a low-risk, highly immersive VR training suite co-curated with industry experts and healthcare professionals. 

When serving the most vulnerable, learning on the job is not always an option.

A digital transformation in healthcare upskilling with VR at the heart.

ELARA democratises training through practicality, delivering unparalleled agency and autonomy to the learners compared to traditional methods.

Designed to replicate lifelike environments that immerse carers while being risk-free.

With ELARA, you’ll confidently perform even the most delicate of tasks, ensuring a superior success rate in the field than classroom settings and eLearning.

Here to support healthcare training programmes, never to replace them.

ELARA removes geographical boundaries, saves time, space, physical resources and is exceedingly cost-effective at scale, democratising access to the latest training techniques.

Studied to better understand your patients, not only their diagnosis.

ELARA is guaranteed to heighten your cognitive abilities, leading you to retain more information, empowering you to best identify and improve care on all levels.

We believe care is as important as the cure.

ELARA is a holistic, deeply immersive approach aimed at developing a highly-efficient workforce that focuses on care delivery.


VR-trained surgeons had an overall performance boost of 230% as opposed to their traditionally trained peers and completed the procedure an average of 20% faster.


Percentage of VR trainees that reliably went on to complete surgery in a lab setting. By contrast, the percentage of those trained with traditional methods able to do so was zero.


At 3,000 learners, VR costs became 52% less than traditional training methods.

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“Anglian Care chose ELARA for our Dementia Care training programme as it seemed the best solution to empower our team with real world experience in a controlled environment. The immersive technology seemed a much better way of training than e-learning courses at the same price-point. For a care company that wants to invest in their team and show that they care about the Care they are giving, ELARA was the only option moving forward.”

Charles CrossChief Operating Officer - Anglian Care