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The solution you’ve always needed.

Corporate training is changing. MOONHUB is leading that change. We tick the boxes you need to whilst engaging your people and unlocking your e-learning’s full potential with our state-of-the-art virtual reality training solutions.

Our system is innovative, effective and provides real, quantitative feedback. Our continual assessment makes our scenarios engaging and uncheatable.

People feel valued, having their development needs tackled innovatively, not just to tick the boxes of compliance.

Remote training

Digital training

Engaging training

Immersive learning

Interactive learning

Immediate feedback

Is it deployable? Is it intuitive?

Will it work at scale? Can it be integrated into my current LMS?

Is it easy to use? Will I have continued support?

“Can this work in my company?”

“Can it be integrated into my current LMS?”

Is MOONHUB easy to implement?” “Is it simple to use?

“Will I have continued support?”

The answer to everything is yes.

We work alongside your current Learning Management System (LMS) and complement what you do best, with what we do best. MOONHUB is an all in one platform meaning we work with you from start to finish, offering you first class support all the way.  After a seamless integration, sit back and watch how engaged your people become.

We plan

We edit

We rollout

We capture

We develop

We collaborate

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