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MOONHUB Library – What is part of our industry-standard VR training suites and what to expect in 2023?

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MOONHUB’s library has landed!

With corporate training changing and training being an integral part of your and your team’s development, focusing on your staff ensures top performance. MOONHUB unlocks your employees’ potential with our state-of-the-art virtual reality training solutions. 

MOONHUB’s library consists of IO, our corporate essentials toolkit and ELARA, our holistic social care suite, which includes a myriad of topics. Our library allows employees to practice and develop their skills in a controlled environment, without risking any real-world consequences. These experiences are designed for use in employee training and our libraries offer a wide range of training scenarios, from workplace environments to interactive lessons on specific skills and techniques.


MOONHUB’s IO training is the corporate training one-stop-shop. From diversity and inclusion to health and safety training and more, IO ensures you empower your most valuable assets and skills. Our Diversity and Inclusion VR training assists organisations in fostering a more inclusive, cohesive and equitable workplace environment. With an ever-active role, our D&I VR training inspires our learners to take on an active role in identifying the adversities faced in day-to-day lives through an engaging storytelling experience. We transport our learners into a private and immersive environment to enhance awareness and understanding of the value of an inclusive workforce and to create an eye-opening experience. 


Next year, our IO suite will be even more comprehensive, boasting topics such as Mental Well-Being, Manual Handling, Health and Safety, Fire Awareness, Soft Skills, Conflict Resolution, Customer Service and First Aid, developed in partnership with industry experts.


MOONHUB’s ELARA is a masterclass in care, proven to strengthen soft skills to enhance empathy and deliver superior care for the social care sector. A holistic, low-risk and highly immersive new approach for the health and social care workforce. Our Dementia Care VR training immerses learners in real-life situations that mirror the challenges of social care; boosting technical knowledge and heightening emotional soft skills. Our module provides a committed and proactive approach to transferring knowledge of dementia care via VR. This experience is of its highest quality and learners are guaranteed to be impacted and take away valuable and beneficial information to then implement into their performance. MOONHUB’s person-centred approach and training curricula focus on identifying uniqueness. 


In 2023, ELARA will grow even more to include Safeguarding, Moving and Handling, Clinical Psychology and Learning Disabilities training.

The Dashboard

This experience continues on beyond the headsets.

Once training is complete, users and their managers can log into their personal dashboard on both desktop and mobile to view, assess and reflect on training scores. Explore MOONHUB’s library and unleash your staff’s greatest potential and change corporate work cultures through empathy via the power of VR storytelling.

By providing immersive and interactive learning experiences, MOONHUB’s libraries can improve retention, engagement, and overall effectiveness of your employee training streamlining your business. 


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