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Moon Memos

To add, or not to add (on social media)

By October 7, 2021No Comments

An article was recently published on the subject of social media. Namely, being ‘followed’ by your colleagues and/or boss. With the increased use of Facebook and Instagram, should we share these accounts with our colleagues?

Considering we spend so much of our time with our colleagues, is it too much to go one step further?

For some people, and especially those who move to a new city, work colleagues can become someone’s social circle, and a way in which to meet new people. However, there are others who truly do wish to keep their work life and personal life completely separate; this must be understood and appreciated.

It’s important for those in managerial positions to respect their colleague’s wishes, and ensure they aren’t unknowingly putting pressure on when they send those friend requests. Similarly, the manager may not wish to have those they manage know what they get up to on a Friday night on their Instagram stories! 

From a recruitment perspective, everyone should always be cautious about what they share and post on social media. This is especially important in the interviewing stage ahead of joining a company. Social media accounts will nearly always be searched as part of the due diligence process. It’s therefore important to know what you’re posting both before applying for the job, and whilst you’re in it. 

This is a real decision to weigh up before pressing ‘send’ to your colleagues, what are your thoughts?