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Moonhub VR Training In Action | Testimonial 1: Here East

By November 4, 2021November 11th, 2021No Comments
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November is our testimonial month, where we speak with different members of organisations we are currently working with, so you can hear directly from them; this will allow for a deeper understanding regarding the different industries in which VR training is applicable. 

This week, we’re focusing on our work with Here East. MOONHUB currently provides VR training to Here East for both their security, and customer service employees.

After the healthcare and education sector, workforce development and training  is the third highest sector expected to witness the most disruption by immersive technology over the next year, as reported by Statista. Therefore, working with an organisation across multiple departments demonstrates the versatility of the use of virtual reality in developing the entirety of the workforce’s skillset. 

Earlier this week, we sat down with a member of Here East’s Front of House Management team: 

Why did you decide to integrate VR training into Here East’s customer service training programme?

“I was recommended by a colleague who has previously used MOONHUB’s services and had the opportunity to test their training. I then immediately knew my front of house team would benefit from this more engaging way of training. It saves time in going through long presentations, it is innovative and offers a new fun way of training.”

What do you imagine VR training will provide for your team?

“A user-friendly fun virtual reality training that can be used to skill the team on all aspects of front of house, from customer service to emergency procedures. This will be used as quarterly refresher training to the permanent team and induction training to new starters and cover staff.”

How have you found working with MOONHUB so far?

“I have thoroughly enjoyed working with MOONHUB on this project. The team is professional, friendly, easy to work with and fun. They have made this process very smooth and easy, and I would strongly recommend companies to use their services.”

How would you describe MOONHUB training?

“MOONHUB is an exciting tech company that reinvents traditional presentation training and transforms it into virtual reality. This makes training more engaging and fun for people. They offer bespoke training that is tailored to exactly what you need, what your company values are and gives first-hand experience/training of the job.”

If you’re interested in finding out more, then message us, or visit our website for more of the benefits that virtual reality training will offer you and your business. Keep an eye out for our blogs this month which will cover different industries and training topics.