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D&I VR Training In Education Will Better The World (Part II)

By August 5, 2021October 20th, 2021No Comments
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D&I VR training can unlock the future generation that is set to change the world. Here is how!

Schools have a responsibility to develop their students so they are ready to move on into jobs/ apprenticeships/ further studies by the time they turn 16 years old.

By presenting students with perspectives that are very different from their own, it allows them to think critically about their own beliefs and examine the world in new ways in order to facilitate students’ personal and professional successes in a varied world.

Let’s take a look at the different benefits that students can obtain with D&I training:

Helps Students Enter Adulthood:

Entering the work environment is very different to being in school, and often at times, this is the first place in which a person may be working with such a large and diverse workforce. Interacting with people of diverse backgrounds and mindsets can be challenging when this is new. Hence, students must learn from an early age how to work inclusively, and collaborate with people from different backgrounds to be ready for adult working life.

Prepares Students for Citizenship:

A Century Foundation study found that experiences with diversity at university led to greater community engagement. This suggests that the more people are involved with their government, and the more educated they are about government processes, the more informed decisions they can make about how they are governed. Consequently, training students with diversity helps to transform them into more engaged members of the community.

Diversity Promotes Creativity:

In professional situations, creativity is required to solve business problems on a daily basis. A Scientific American study stated that groups with racial diversity significantly outperformed groups without diversity in a problem-solving scenario. Therefore, educating students in knowing how to work in diverse teams is essential in developing creative skills and finding innovative solutions.

The Moonhub Suite offers schools and colleges the opportunity to provide D&I training to their students through virtual reality. Virtual Reality can enhance your D&I training by simulating real-life situations that test a student’s soft skills on various topics. VR training allows students to learn how to avoid awkward situations in real life and learn from their mistakes in a more engaging and interactive environment.