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How will VR change our future?

By March 12, 2021October 21st, 2021No Comments
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The age-old question. How will VR change our future? We take a deep dive into the expansive applications of virtual reality technologies.

It is no secret that virtual reality can influence and change the future of our daily lives. Nowadays, this is becoming more apparent, thanks to the advancement and enhancement of technology. But how will virtual reality revolutionise our lives?

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VR is already making leaps and bounds in education; with new teaching and learning methods becoming increasingly effective thanks to these innovative technologies.

Among the latter, there is the Teslasuit, a one-piece suit that through a series of biometric sensors allows you to measure heart rate, sweating and stress levels. The suit is already used in conjunction with VR for NASA astronaut training. Its potential uses are limitless because it can safely simulate any stressful condition and measure how we react to it.

With the help and development of new virtual reality technologies, learning will significantly improve by refining the learning process and performance outcomes.

Work offices

The pandemic has fundamentally changed how and where we work. This change highlighted the need to create a digital environment that favours business activities and remote cooperation. Several companies, including Facebook, are working to develop infinite workspaces by designing Codec Avatars: virtual avatars of employees designed to improve social interaction by making it easier and more real.

According to Ericsson, by 2030, we will be able to enter digital environments that will feel completely real and will be able to simultaneously stimulate all of our senses. What does this mean? Well, in the future, we will have the opportunity to work in fully interactive and collaborative environments no matter where we are. 


There are already several VR-based social platforms that allow you to meet and chat in virtual environments. Among the latter, Facebook Horizon is a platform that enables you to build and share collaborative online worlds. In doing so, we will have yet more meaningful ways to connect online as technology improves.

All of this means that virtual reality is no longer science fiction. It is integrated into our present and, in the coming years, will lead to advances that will shape a new future. What are you waiting for to innovate your company? Contact us, if you want to keep up with technological innovations and ensure a better future for your company using virtual reality.