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Importance of company culture in a start-up business

By November 18, 2020No Comments

Hello, welcome back. In this blog we’d like to discuss how we have created our start-up with company culture at the forefront of our minds. 

If you don’t know the story behind the name MOONHUB, then let us tell you. We were inspired by the innovation it took to get man on the moon, and we want to continue being a hub of innovation for many years to come. We want anyone who joins our team to know they are joining an innovative company and to feel comfortable with expressing their views, and sharing their innovative ideas. 

From the first day Vinh and I (Hannah) joined Dami’s MOONHUB one-man band back in 2017, we knew it was important to set out our future vision. This meant establishing what we envisioned MOONHUB becoming, and the company culture we wanted to have.

In a non-Covid world, we aim to have bi-monthly socials including activities such as crazy golf, axe-throwing (this was a fun one), Flight Club (darts), and the more casual ‘after-work drinks’.

In the workplace, we have weekly meetings where Dami treats us all to a coffee/tea from the local independent coffee shop, and we discuss what we have been up to, and our weekly goals. This is fantastic as we all brainstorm together and we share our ideas. If our lead developer, Stephen, has an idea regarding our marketing, then he is more than welcome to suggest this to the team – if you join MOONHUB, you’re not solely confined to your job description!  

We believe company culture is imperative, especially in the start-up days. We want to avoid being the typical corporate company where culture sometimes gets lost along the way, and corporate hierarchy can take over.

Business life is changing, with more and more millennial-led companies being born, and so adaptation is key. Prioritising mental health is at the forefront of any good HR department, and so it is necessary to breed a positive work life balance to keep employees happy and cared for.