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The Importance of Training in VR

By November 9, 2020October 22nd, 2021No Comments
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Let’s lift off by discussing the importance of training in VR and why we believe this is a necessary change for companies across the globe to adopt. 

Welcome to our first transmission. We will be writing to you on a weekly basis on MOONHUB Mondays; this will be a platform for us to speak directly with you, our potential and existing clients (or those of you who just wish to learn more about what we do) to provide you with exciting company updates and information on our projects. 

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I think we can all agree that the thought of sitting down to complete mandatory company training doesn’t exactly spark joy as Marie Kondo would say. However, what if it could? What if you could take a proactive approach to training? What if, and hear me out, you actually enjoyed your training?

Our VR training platform allows for people of all tech proficiencies to easily experience and benefit from virtual reality. Now more than ever, training that you can rely on is a must, as the luxury of “learning on the job” or being surrounded by people you can shadow is no longer feasible due to the current state of the world.

A report was published earlier this year by PWC* stating that training time in virtual reality can be slashed by 75%, in comparison to traditional learning and development methods such as classroom and e-learning. Coupled with the fact the individuals training using VR felt a stronger emotional connection to the learning content, and therefore were more focused during their training, it’s all pointing towards a no-brainer of adopting this technology. 

Then the all-important reasoning for employers. Through VR, workers trained using this technology display higher confidence levels in applying their newfound knowledge in their place of work, meaning higher productivity levels and higher staff engagement. Additionally, when this style of training is scaled across a business, the ROI is measurable especially when considering the time saved. To quote PWC directly: “The more people you train, the faster you can achieve a positive ROI.”



If you’ve been thinking about using VR for your training needs, get in touch. We’ll show you why corporate companies (that you’ve most certainly heard of) have been working behind the scenes with us to revolutionise their training.