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Moon Memos

Living with tech, but being present

By June 1, 2021No Comments

Let’s start this off with a question.

Have you ever been to a social event and looked around to see the majority, if not all, of your friends or colleagues on their phones? 21st century life as we know it has become so intrinsically linked with technology, that people don’t even see being on their phone, in company, as being antisocial.

Maybe it’s generational. Nowadays, normal life is considered to be through our phones. We contact friends and family through voice and video calls; there are countless apps for creating and maintaining relationships. But have we forgotten how to do this in real life? Does face to face interaction cause you to have an anxiety spike? Maybe we’re just too acquainted with interacting with a screen. 

It’s a fine balance to juggle tech with in-person interaction; ensuring that we use it for our benefit rather than reliance. have published an article mentioning how the overuse of some technologies can lead to a real decline in mental health. Adding to this, technology can cause us to no longer be present, and that’s a problem.

There are countless statistics flying around over the internet, and as more work is being done both at school, and in the workplace, regarding mental health maybe we’ll begin to see a shift. The more aware people become, the more in-person interaction will be valued.