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Can VR Lead The Charge In The Age Of Techosaurus?

By May 14, 2021October 22nd, 2021No Comments
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Justin here:

Techosaurus (noun/ an individual with an archaic attitude towards technology/ Strong aversion to asteroids).

We all know one (or several), with some of us maybe even being one ourselves. Times are changing; and technology is inevitably advancing to a point where we just cannot keep up anymore.

Long gone are the days where I reigned technologically supreme in my family, generously delivering IT support to grandmother and mother alike. I’d be refreshing screens and ceremoniously chanting the prayer of “have you tried turning it off and on again” as if it were a blessing.

Yet somewhere between the age of the USB and ‘the cloud’ my younger cousin dethroned me, and I’ve been humming the theme tune to Jurassic park ever since.

Tech is at the forefront of professional innovation. Can we afford to fossilise? And just how much of a blockade can a techosaurus be within our teams?

Speaking daily with L&D experts we have found the following:

  • Across multiple industries an electronic LMS is considered a luxury.
  • E-learning is still early in its adoption in many industries.
  • Ed-tech is not considered to be an essential element of a blended learning experience.

In a recent poll conducted by MOONHUB, 54% of people felt that the main hurdle in implementing Ed-tech was financing. Using our palaeontologists’ brush, we unearthed the key reason to be the lack of funding within L&D departments for tech advancements.

With immersive tech such as VR leading the charge in innovation across all forms of learning, isn’t it time to blast our way past those who stand in the way of progression?

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