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Moonhub VR Training In Action | Testimonial 3: KiddieCare Nurseries

By November 17, 2021No Comments
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November is our testimonial month, where we speak with different members of organisations we are currently working with, so you can hear directly from them; this will allow for a deeper understanding regarding the different industries in which virtual reality training is applicable.

VR aids in the development of soft skills, and research has shown that the success of any job, alongside career development, is largely attributed to soft skills (85%). It is therefore imperative that this aspect of training isn’t forgotten when up-skilling your team. 

This week, our testimony focuses on our work with KiddieCare Nurseries, a chain of eight nurseries based in West London. The VR training we provide to KiddieCare’s employees focuses on company onboarding, and improving soft skills in topics such as health and safety, and safeguarding. 

We asked a member of KiddieCare’s management team how they feel about their VR training:

How would you describe MOONHUB training?

In a nutshell: Innovative training. It is a step into the future of training staff in an efficient, creative and immersive way.

Why did you decide to integrate VR training into KiddieCare Nurseries?

Utilising virtual reality technology has led to a more efficient use of our time. Staff can get on with the training programmes individually. Due to the nature of VR, staff are more likely to retain information from the training programme due to the visual impact of role play and outcome. I would say it’s almost like learning on the job, but without the risk of errors.

What has MOONHUB added to your organisation from a training perspective?

It has provided us with an innovative way of learning. Our staff are more excited about the training offered, leading to more information retained, a better use of their time, and it has allowed us to focus on individual learning. 

As with all of our current clients, when working with us in a bespoke manner, you automatically gain access to our MOONHUB Suite of training, and so additional training content is provided in your training menu within the headset. 

If you’re interested in finding out more, then message us, or visit our website for more of the benefits that virtual reality training will offer you and your business. Keep an eye out for our blogs series this month which will cover different industries and training topics.