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MOONHUB x Wilson James

By December 12, 2023No Comments

MOONHUB x Wilson James

MOONHUB has recently taken on board one of our newest clients, Wilson James, who has been raising standards in security, construction logistics, aviation and technology services for over 30 years now. They had signed with MOONHUB in August 2023 to bring VR training to their Security team, working on the Broadgate campus in central London and we’ve been working very closely together with their team to bring their bespoke training to life. This collaboration marks a significant stride toward enhancing Wilson James’ commitment to providing their employees with quick and effective training without the possibility of risks.  

Tailored Training

MOONHUB and Wilson James have collaborated on the creation of five customised training scenarios tailored for Wilson James’ site at Broadgate. These bespoke scenarios, designed to enhance the skills of the security team, were officially launched at the end of November. Additionally, during the development phase of the customised content, Wilson James has been utilising MOONHUB’s IO suite to complement their training initiatives. These immersive training modules designed by MOONHUB aim to elevate the skill set of Wilson James’ security personnel, ensuring they are well-prepared to handle diverse and evolving scenarios.

The Creative Process

During the creative process, MOONHUB collaborated closely with the Broadgate team to create scripts for the development of their VR training. The journey began with a planning session on 07/09, followed by a comprehensive script review. The actual filming day took place on 30/10, and the final release occurred on 27/11. Remarkably, this entire process, from script writing to release, was completed in less than three months, showcasing the efficiency and dedication of the collaborative efforts between MOONHUB and Wilson James.

Final Thoughts on MOONHUB’s VR Training

The feedback from Wilson James staff on MOONHUB’s VR training has been very positive. During October, their Security officers had the opportunity to explore MOONHUB’s IO suite and found that the experience was more engaging compared to their regular training methods. 


Wilson James shares their firsthand experiences, highlighting the benefits they’ve gained through their bespoke training. These firsthand accounts underscore the effectiveness of our approach, emphasising accelerated learning, user-friendly interfaces, comfort, and an engaging, immersive training experience. 


Wilson James has increased the number of officers participating in training with MOONHUB, showcasing a growing commitment to leveraging innovative solutions. The anticipation is high as the team prepares to engage with the bespoke training modules tailored specifically for their roles and responsibilities. MOONHUB looks forward to the positive impact of these tailored training experiences on the entire team! 

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