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Virtual Reality Is The Future Of Education

By February 3, 2022No Comments

The pandemic has accelerated the EdTech revolution and now the education sector is on the cusp of a much-needed evolution. Virtual reality is at the forefront. MOONHUB is at the forefront. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a deep impact on society’s ability to function in its pre-existing conditions, forcing industries to transform their underpinnings to better approach the challenges imposed by the pandemic. For schools and higher education institutions, the pandemic has unravelled the volatility of the sector. The inhibition of social mobility forced by the pandemic’s consistent mounting uncertainty has destabilised a thriving sector.

To combat this phenomenon, educational institutions have turned to technology as a vehicle to bridge the physical gap. Remote learning became the viable option, but it was, and still is, a stopgap at best. While remote learning was able to mitigate the crisis – maintaining the current courses from running without incurring severe health risks and great financial loss – the outcome was concrete evidence of an increased learning loss across all subjects and poorer academic achievement compared to the traditional classroom setting.

The obstacles with remote learning are three-fold:

  1. the implementation, which relies heavily on the teaching standard and tech knowledge of educators
  2. the accessibility of resources of both educators and students, from internet connection to computers
  3. and the socio-economic background and living conditions of both educators and students.

Here at MOONHUB, we understand the difficulties remote learning had on centralising the learning experience online, but we can’t relate. We envision a transformation of the model of remote learning because we believe that learning should be convenient, accessible and, now possible with VR, within reach.

VR Democratises Learning


VR’s ability to completely immerse students creates expansive opportunities for educators to explore and enhances the experiential value offered by institutions. Educators can curate their teaching content to grow out of the traditional, and oftentimes physical, boxes, and transport their students to remote locations or temporal settings. The technology also democratises the learning modules for differently-abled and special needs students: it’s been proven that VR enhances the performance of dyslexic and autistic students as they respond better to multi-sensory experiences.

VR Deepens Social Collaboration


With the implementation of AR in combination with VR, educators and students can bring their concepts and ideas to reality, deepening learning, expanding collaboration and heightening connections amongst one another. This is even more imperative when localising content to non-native language students that can experience difficulties in keeping up with native language students. In that sense, VR provides an interactive gateway to gain knowledge more easily and intuitively.

VR Assists Educators

For educators, VR is a game-changer for both the learning content methodology accreditation and tech training. According to Promethean’s 2022 Technology Education Industry Report, 67% of educators believe training should be a funding priority, however, only 15% receive full training and support and just 10% report in-class tech training. The top reasons behind this shortage of training are budgetary constraints and time. With VR, institutions can acquire VR solutions that are cost-effective at scale and time-saving for educators, allowing the staff to focus more attentively on individual teaching.


Among institutions’ priorities when it comes to training are pupil safeguarding and safety, modern learning techniques and government-led curriculum changes. VR can help create these scenarios and more, adapting the scenarios to meet the staff’s needs and working around educators’ schedules, not the other way around.

At MOONHUB, we thrive to offer solutions that facilitate and deepen learning because we believe empowering educators is the first step to empowering our future generations. Our VR training solutions are already being used by our educational partner Kiddiecare Nurseries and they can’t get enough of it: in fact, their staff are now always eager to train, retain more information and have more time to focus on individual learning. It’s a win-win-win situation for all!