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VR Training – A Black Founder’s Impact

By November 7, 2023No Comments
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VR. Highlighting the significance of diverse voices in emerging technologies like virtual reality (VR) is essential. Diversity in the tech industry, just like in any other field, leads to various perspectives and fresh ideas. When building a team and business, having diverse backgrounds and experiences opens up a wide range of opportunities. Embracing diversity fosters creativity and innovation, ensuring that different viewpoints contribute to the growth and success of both teams and businesses.

Underrepresented Communities in Tech

Addressing the challenges faced by underrepresented communities in tech access is crucial for creating a more inclusive industry. Currently, tech representation remains largely homogeneous, but there is a gradual shift towards increased diversity. However, progress needs to happen faster. For instance, the percentages within the tech world show that individuals from different backgrounds are still underrepresented. According to recent statistics from a report by the National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT), only 26% of professional computing occupations in the U.S. are held by women, and the numbers are even lower for people of colour.  By acknowledging this disparity and actively working to improve access for underrepresented communities, we can accelerate the pace of change, ensuring that tech becomes more diverse and inclusive for everyone. 

The Impact of Representation in Tech and VR

The impact of representation is profound. When individuals see someone similar to themselves in a role they aspire to, it demonstrates that achieving their goals is within reach. This simple act of seeing relatable figures in positions of influence creates hope and belief, inspiring others to believe in their own potential and pursue their aspirations with more confidence.

My Role As A Black Founder

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As a black founder, I find great fulfilment in mentoring other aspiring black entrepreneurs and offering them valuable advice that I wish I had received when I was starting MOONHUB. My goal is to inspire others by sharing my experiences and insights, helping them navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship with confidence. By showcasing my role as a mentor, I hope to empower fellow black founders, encouraging them to pursue their dreams and achieve success in the business world.

Success Stories of Black Professionals in VR

Highlighting the achievements of black professionals in the field of VR is essential for emphasising their influence. Seyi, the founder of Gravity Sketch, recently secured an incredible Series A funding, becoming a remarkable success story in the VR industry (source: Seyi’s accomplishment serves as a shining example, illustrating the significant impact black professionals can make in the VR sector. By sharing success stories like Seyi’s, we celebrate their achievements and inspire others, promoting D&I  in the world of VR.

Through a Mother's Example

Growing up with my mother as a business owner has provided me with a unique perspective on creative problem-solving. Observing her innovative thinking and ability to navigate challenges has influenced my approach to finding solutions. Her example taught me the value of thinking outside the box and exploring unconventional methods to overcome obstacles. This background has greatened my creative problem-solving skills, enabling me to approach problems with a fresh and inventive mindset, which I believe is instrumental in finding effective and innovative solutions.

Community Support

The support from communities like the black founders fund with Google has been invaluable to me. These communities have demonstrated the significance of having strong, mission-driven networks around me. Being a part of such supportive communities has provided me with essential resources, guidance, and encouragement, enabling me to navigate challenges and achieve my goals. Black founders, often among the most underfunded groups globally, have managed to overcome significant hurdles through determination and innovation. By highlighting these success stories, we not only celebrate their achievements but also demonstrate the real, positive changes that can occur when support and opportunities are provided.  


Overcoming challenges requires resilience and determination. By persistently pushing forward, I’ve demonstrated that there are always routes that can be explored and pursued. This not only helps me navigate obstacles but also serves as an example for others, showing them that with determination, challenges can be overcome, and new paths can be made. 


As said before diversity plays a crucial role in enhancing our VR training programs. By embracing diverse perspectives, we can curate content for development that is more inclusive. This approach allows us to incorporate a wide range of ideas and experiences, ensuring our training programs are comprehensive and accessible to everyone. Different viewpoints contribute to the effectiveness of our programs, making them more relevant and impactful for learners from various backgrounds. 

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