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Why VR? Benefits of VR Training in the Workplace

By November 18, 2022No Comments

Traditional training methods such as eLearning and classroom-based are proven to have a lower engagement rate with little to no active interaction in the workplace.


For this reason, learners are less likely to adapt to real-life scenarios, leaving less room for potential and growth, whereas, VR training is far more effective and rewarding due to its immersiveness and adaptability. Learners then demonstrate higher levels of focus, engagement and commitment to learning. VR training is 35 to 40% more effective and should be implemented in all parts of the learning environment. 

With the ability to repeat virtual tasks, learners can build muscle memory that helps with the retention of learning, which can then be implemented in real-life scenarios. According to The University of Maryland, VR training records an 8.8% average increase in knowledge retention compared to traditional training methods. 

VR training and its endless possibilities



The ‘try before you start’ concept allows potential learners to gain a deeper understanding of the role. VR provides learners with realistic training. These endless possibilities will enable us to replicate complex technical tasks within a natural world environment, to truly reflect daily working practices. This reduces the time to adjust and transition into their role. This benefits both the company and the learner as fewer working hours will be spent on training. Learners can train whenever on or off-site. According to a PwC report, VR has a 4 times faster completion rate compared to eLearning.

Why VR training outweighs traditional training methods.



Similar to eLearning, VR gives you the ability to repeat training without any extra costs, however, VR provides a much more immersive experience. We receive more engagement from trainees which allows them to consume content in a more immersive environment that creates long-term benefits for both the company and the trainee. As all trainees learn at different rates, VR thus becomes a cost-effective solution for organisations. VR can be used whenever, wherever and for however long, which allows companies to take on new staff and train them without worrying about extra costs. 

Learners are 275% more confident to apply the skills they learned after training in real-life scenarios. In particular, significant improvements in confidence were made when discussing sensitive topics in the workplace such as diversity and inclusion. MOONHUB’s diversity and inclusion VR training transports our learners into a private and immersive environment to enhance awareness and understanding of the value of an inclusive workforce.

Proven to increase knowledge retention and engagement, VR has significantly changed the way we learn in the workplace. Cut the costs and time of training, be confident when applying the skills you’ve learnt and have the ability to be flexible. This isn’t merely the future. It is the present. With VR.